Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reading material

Well, I'm finally interested in reading again. I've read through some back issues of The New Yorker, donated to me by my good friend Elizabeth. I have to admit I didn't read too many of the articles, but I did enjoy the comics and the covers and the editorials.

Then I started reading novels at bedtime. I grabbed the first thing I put my hands on; an old Lawrence Block novel, Burglars Can't be Choosers, about Bernie Rhodenbarr. I love these books! Bernie is a burglar, and also runs a used book shop in Greenwich Village. I first met Bernie listening to the books on tape, read by the author, and I fell in love with him (Bernie, not Lawrence, although LB also struck my imagination 'cuz he sounds so much like my dear Uncle Dick). A few years ago I was able to hear Block speak at a conference, and I got several of his Bernie books autographed. My copy of Burglars Can't be Choosers is one of those signed books. LOVE IT!

So, reading that one, and the others I made Mike find around the house, got me to reserve all the rest from The L. Yay! I've now read 4 of them, and I'm on my 5th! I'm actually reading them mostly in order, so that's new for me. LOL

But the book I really want to talk about today is When Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat by Weinstein. One of my twitter buddies recommended it a while back, and I immediately ordered it. Those of you who know me know that I love jazz music, and if you've seen me do storytimes much, you might also know that I have a long-abiding love for the book Charlie Parker Played Be Bop by Raschka. I love singing that jazzy book for kids because, even if they're jaded, street-wise Middle School Kids, if you sing it well you can win the kids over. I haven't tested the Louis book with kids, yet, but I feel confident saying that it could be another great sing-aloud book. The thing about the Louis book, though, is that it's going to take considerably more practice, IMHO, than the Charlie Parker book takes. There is a lot of scat in the book, and it's got great potential for being delightful, but if you plan to sing it - practice first!

I would sing this book along with the song Scat Like That from the old album On the Move by Greg and Steve. These 2 great books, the great song, and fill it in with a flannel or two, and you've got a whiz-bang storytime, I tell ya! I'd also play some of the music by both greats. Fabbo!

Thanks, Beth, for sharing the new title on twitter!


Jenn said...

have you seen "before john was a jazz giant"? i'm not sure how well it would translate into song, but it was one of my favorite picture books of last year!

Cat said...

I didn't remember it, but seeing the cover as I just reserved it sparked a bit of recollection. Can't wait to read it - thanks for the tip!

read2akid said...

How do you get your comments to display below your posting? Does it matter which template you choose? I can get them to display below when I click on them, but they don't stay.