Friday, November 19, 2010

Blogger's Block

I've tried all day to think of something cool to write about, and it just hasn't come to me. So, as a last resort I've gone to the NaBloPoMo website and gotten the prompt:

Friday, November 19, 2010
Write the first paragraph of your autobiography.

The big trucks pulled onto the lot right on time. The foreman was waiting, ready to direct them in digging the basement. The plans had all been made and all of the paperwork was finally done, so the ground could finally be broken on the next house on the street. The day was Saturday, July 11, 1964. Richard Burton was on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. It was a bright, beautiful summer's day and the owners of the property, Dave and Carol Fithian, were busy. Their third child was being born in Youngstown, Ohio. She had trouble breathing (heart defects were suspected) and was put on a ventilator instead of at her mother's bedside. The doctors were worried that she wouldn't make it through her first day in the world, but she did. They named her Catherine Louise.

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Netter said...

What happens next? I'm intrigued!