Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jammies Day

I've been in my jammies all day. Sometimes I do this just to pamper myself for no real reason, but today it is because I'm not feeling 100%. You know how when a sinus infection or head cold starts to move south into your chest, and you get that nasty big cough? That's me. Ick.

In honor of my jammie day I am posting a few pics of the best napping cat in the world. Samwise likes to nap on top of us on the couch. He's very heavy, though, so after a while it gets uncomfortable. This pic of Sam on top of me is from a week or two ago. I was laying down for a nap and hadn't even pulled the blanket down over my legs. He later stretched his neck out and laid his chin on my shoulder.

Here is Sam on top of Mike this afternoon. They both had a lovely snooze. It was just one of those lazy days. We had fresh air blowing through the house and napping on the couch . . . a very nice Fall Sunday.

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