Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Beginning to Knit Alot Like Christmas . . .

Here's some pictures of the piles I have. This first is the pile of knitting that is done or almost done . . . minus a few items. I won't call out anything or anyone specific, but you can see that there are several lovely yarns and some interesting stitch patterns! Hehehe! It's so much fun to be making things for people. I feel like I'm my own little Santa's Workshop!

Next are some of the in-process things I've got going. Let's see, just for Xmas I have . . . umm . . . 4 things on the needles at the moment. I have yarn for several more items. If my quick calculation yesterday afternoon was correct, I have about 7-10 more things, total, to finish before gifting this holiday season. It'll certainly keep me busy, eh?

Favorite yarn so far: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted (the color I have isn't shown)- it's so soft and springy, I almost forget it is wool!
Favorite stitch pattern: will always either be plain stockinette in the round or cables
Favorite project: I don't know yet! More on this later!
Lesson I'm learning: sometimes the perfect gift for someone you love is just going to be boring knitting, but it will produce something so beautiful and refined that you simply must keep it simple.

I met another crocheter today, and he's an Entymologist. We were talking about crocheting little quick toy things like my neurons, and I got to wondering if I could free-hand some crocheted bugs. I think I might have to try it soon, but I should not let it distract me from Xmas knitting - what a conundrum!

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