Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

What I'm thankful for this year (like 3 Beautiful Things expanded):
  • Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for me (and you)
  • wonderful, loving parents
  • a great husband who also happens to be my best friend
  • the coolest kid in the universe happens to be my son
  • loving and generous in-laws
  • a great brother and sister and their spouses
  • friends, those who live near and those who are far away, even if we don't get together often
  • getting in touch with old friends from my past because of social media - this year has been really fun, learning how old friends are doing and re-establishing contact
  • knitting - not just for the enjoyment of the craft and creativity, but also for the great friends I've gained through social knitting
  • that my friend Carol found Darrell (happy wedding next week!) - hopefully I'll come to know Darrell as well as I know Carol and we can all be great friends together
  • a free country that allows people to have differing beliefs and ideals
  • my husband's job, and that he's making it work and doing it well even though it's not his top career choice
  • my own job and a supervisor that has given me latitude to deal with the emotions of the past few years
  • Gerald, for his friendship and our new video blog project, even though it's moving slowly
  • that the library levy passed and the voters really appreciate what we do
  • music and the occasional opportunity to make music with others
  • our big vacation in June and the ability to have taken it
  • the magnificent beauty of nature
  • being able to walk
  • great books
  • both vehicles are working
  • a wonderful, compassionate group of people to work with at Driving Park

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