Thursday, November 04, 2010

on being sick

I'm not feeling well today. It's nothing big, dramatic or serious. I'm feeling over-tired and weak. I went back to bed after calling in to work and slept an additional 2.5 hours, and I know that soon I will go back to sleep again.

What makes some bodies more resilient to illness than others? Health seems like a gigantic Cribbage game to me. You ever play Cribbage? Well, if you're doing well in Cribbage, you're likely to totally smoke your opponent. There are 2 parts to every hand, and honestly, if you win the first part you're likely to win the second part, and then you get extra points for winning and extra points for winning big, and it just goes on and on! My sister and I have joked about this. I feel like personal health is like that.

Some people have good personal health. They may catch colds now and then, but not often. When they do, they can usually just "work it off" or "let it run it's course" or take extra Vitamin C and it all fades away. The other players in this great Cribbage Game catch everything that comes down the pike (in the first round of the hand) and then if they don't see a Dr., call off all extra-curricular activities (and sometimes work) and totally let their bodies rest, it will turn into something worse (the second round of the hand). The sniffles turns into bronchitis. A headache turns into a migraine. A cut on the hand turns into an infection.

Someday, when I'm face-to-face with our creator, I'm going to respectfully ask Him why He built us this way.

For now, I'm just going back to sleep.


Cheryl said...

Sorry you are not feeling well. We are in the same boat AGAIN. Ugh. Let's hope this isn't a hard winter in that regard.

p.s. also so glad the levy passed!!!!!

Julie said...

Yeah, I'm catching up on my reading. I like your blog--it's like you. Full of fun stuff and side journeys and interesting insights.

I'm so there with you on this health thing. Calli is home today, sick again. At least this year she seems to bounce back a little more easily. But it's a hard line to walk--do we push her to go? Try and muscle through an icky day? Or is it better to just let her rest it off. It sure is unsure footing.

And I sit here after only 2 hours of sleep. My head is all stuff with fluff. Pooh Bear has my sympathies. Headache, insomnia, leg cramps. Bleh.

I envy those who can bounce back from stuff quickly. Maybe they can shake some magic healthy dust over us....