Saturday, November 06, 2010

Dressing Up

My son went to the Fall Formal at his HS last night. I was really proud of him for going stag, too, because back in my day it didn't happen much. Apparently, kids do that more often now, but I'm still proud of him. We don't have many times in our lives when we wear formal clothing. I suppose I dress up most often of the three of us in our family. My husband usually wears jeans and golf shirts, even to work. My son is the same. Our church is very casual, as well, and we all wear jeans or shorts there, too. So when Si said he wanted to go to the Formal, I knew we'd have to do some shopping . . . unless I could convince him to wear his Scout uniform . . . but that would be downright silly. Sigh.

So we went shopping this week. It took about an hour to find a jacket, pants and shirt that he liked that was within my price limit (afterall, he's still growing, so those lovely "last forever" suits aren't necessary). Then we had to get shoes. Since we were already at Macy's we went to the men's shoes and looked. Yowza! Those puppies are expensive! If you want comfortable dress shoes, you have to be ready to shell out some bucks! And you know what? Dress shoes look ridiculous with jeans! I found some cool all-black high-top tennis shoes that would work for the Formal and still be practical in his everyday life, but alas, they didn't have his size. Grrrrr. We finally (after 2 hours!) settled on a pair of pull-ons. Good grief - shopping for him was nearly as difficult as shopping for me! Here's the thing, though - he looks really fabulous. But don't take my word for it - you can see for yourself!

Now that we've spent the money, we need to find more places to go where he can wear this suit! Got any ideas? I'm thinking we have about 9 months or so before he outgrows the dang thing. I'll get him a Christmassy shirt and tie so he can wear it then, but honestly, we need more!

PS - if you're wondering why I'm suddenly posting every day, it's because I've taken the challenge to be part of nablopomo - National Blog Posting Month. :-) Think I can make it?

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