Friday, March 11, 2011

List #11 DATES

What things do you enjoy doing with your time and friends? Today's list shares some of my favorite things to do with DH, friends, son, etc. (dates, in a broad sense):
  • out for a meal! I would list fave restaurants in Cbus, but often I like to try places I've never been before just as much as going to old favorites, so a list is hard here. Maybe that will be it's own list before the month is out.
  • movie- This may seem like a cop-out, but I really do love going to movies, and I love talking together about them afterward.
  • Zoo!
  • Museums - here in Cbus we have the Historical Society, the Wexner, the Art Museum, etc. Heck, I like finding art exhibits around town, too, like at the Main Library (great gallery space). Again, I like chatting about it after viewing it together.
  • going to the park - picnics are lovely! My friend, Bu-ying and I will sometimes take our instruments and play music outdoors there, too - doubly wonderful!
  • Interesting speakers - (I got to take Si to hear Matt Groehning last year - fabbo!)
  • live music (making our own or going to hear it made by others)
  • karaoke (I can't resist performing!)
  • live theater!
That's all for now. Tonight I'm going to see Sweet Honey in the Rock with friends! Yahoo! The sad part is that I had to give up going to a performance of Shakespeare at Si's HS and also a Karaoke party. Months of nothing special and then all of the sudden there are 3 events on one night!

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