Wednesday, March 23, 2011



: something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt

First Known Use of GUILTY PLEASURE


  • Survivor - I used to hate this show on principle, but I've been sucked into the mindless vortex. I comfort myself by saying that I really just watch it for the fun challenges, but I know in my heart that is like saying you only get Playboy for the articles.
  • Two and a Half Men - I used to think that Charlie Sheen wasn't acting. Now I know he was because his Charlie Harper character is nicer and saner than he is. All the characters are despicable, but still I find it hilarious. All re-runs now, of course.
  • Swearing/cussing (I'm not entirely sure of the distinction between the two) - my Dad's words of "swearing is for people who don't have adequate vocabularies" ring in my head, but I find it cathartic to let loose like a sailor from time to time.
  • Breakfast out - I never get the oatmeal, I always go for the sausage gravy or the eggs and bacon sandwich or something like that, and really, what would be the point otherwise? Even McDonald's breakfast sandwiches - YUM!
  • Facebook Games - I've limited myself to one silly game at a time, now, though. That helps, right?
  • Romance Novels - I used to have this vaguely guilty feeling because people assume that in my profession I'd read the Great Works of Literature and Nobel Winners, etc. Bah! Give me a good, sappy romance or schlocky mystery and my day is made! Maybe what I really feel guilty about is that I no longer feel guilty about it?

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- janet w said...

Survivor has been my guilty pleasure forever - I have watched EVERY season except 1. Sad, but true.