Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The official topic for today's list is what's on my shopping list, but honestly, I just don't wanna talk about that. So, here is a nice list of
Things I Like About Our Cats:
  • they're snuggly, each in their own way
  • they're independent
  • they're warm
  • they each have their own personality (Sam is always hungry and usually lazy, Rosie is always checking things out, making sure things are safe for all of us)
  • they're amusing to watch, and sometimes fun to play with - I say sometimes because Sam doesn't play much (see above)
PS: we have 2 cats, Samwise and Rosie. They are littermates, although Samwise outweighs Rosie by about 7 lb. Sam is grey and white and Rosie is black and white.

Samwise aliases: Sam, Sambo, Sammy, Spot, Luxury Cat, Lumpy
Rosie aliases: Rose, Posie, Spazzmocat, Little Mama


Ellen said...

We've moved onto dogs as our last cat did not Turn Out Well. She never came out of our basement!

Anyhoo, the previous one had been so great, no one else could compare.

She was called WoFat because she came with our house, went immediately into heat and got pregnant and got enormously large. We had her spayed after that litter but, somehow, she never got any smaller!

read2akid said...

I didn't do that prompt, either.

Cat said...

@Ellen - I love the name "WoFat" - Sam might just have a new nickname.