Sunday, March 13, 2011

List #13 DIYs TO DO

Today's list topic is "DIYs you want to try" but honestly, I have so much going at this point, and I've done so many things already in my life, that I really just want to concentrate on doing what I'm doing. I'm a crafty sort of person, though, and I have a lot of things I like to craft, so here goes:
  • more sculpey - this time I won't burn it (oops!)
  • beading - I have a ton of really cool beads I'd like to make into jewelry or work into knitting projects
  • knitting - I have lots of projects on the needles at the moment, and I love each one!
  • de-clutter my house - this task seems much bigger than I could possibly do alone, largely because it will also involve convincing the guys we need to get rid of some stuff
  • paint some nesting dolls
  • carve soap stone
  • remodel the front room, which involves peeling painted wallpaper off the walls, patching and re-treating the walls, new curtains, etc
I think that is enough for now. This list is making me tired.

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