Thursday, March 31, 2011

List #30 TO-DO LIST

Well, I'm a day late on the last list, as I've been a day late for the last couple. The to-do list is funny because I just made myself one that I hope will actually help me get stuff done when I am on breaks at work. We'll see! Currently, I have 2 lists that cover today . . . one just for today and one that will spill over into tomorrow since I have the day off.

Things I must do today:
  • talk to key people about who to hire for the open position I have
  • call my cleaning lady and ask her to come next week instead of this week
  • see if I can finish the property tax form and get it in today to try to reduce our taxes for the year
  • finally write a note to Alison C for being chosen as an LJ "Mover & Shaker" because trying to think of something clever and cute isn't working
  • work
Things I need to do before tomorrow is over:
  • figure out why our dental insurance suddenly doesn't want to cover Simon and correct them
  • buy buttons for a baby sweater
  • knit like crazy
  • do something fun with my sister tomorrow
  • sign my tax return and pay the tax guy
  • send check to friend for GS cookies I've already started snarfing

So - that is 30 lists in 31 days. Not bad! Have you had fun? Found out anything surprising? Interesting? Done lists of your own? Have any topics you'd like to have me list about?

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