Monday, March 14, 2011

List #14 THINGS I LIKE ABOUT _______

Things I like about SPRING:
  • sunshine!
  • leaving the windows and doors open to the fresh air
  • budding and blooming flowers
  • sunshine!
  • no ice!
  • safer driving
  • sunshine!
  • needing fewer layers of clothing/blankets
  • sunshine!
  • I generally feel better about life when Spring comes!
Things I like about my JOB:
  • helping people
  • smiling kids
  • working together with staff so we all work better
  • seeing change that helps people and neighborhoods
  • making a difference
  • the people I work with (in my location, our library system and our profession at large)
  • finding great books and sharing them
  • simply having a steady job at this point in American History seems good to me
  • steady pay and benefits
  • building relationships with colleagues and customers
Things I like about my LIFE:
  • my faith, even though it's faltered a bit of late
  • my husband and son
  • my family - I am really blessed to have great parents and sibs
  • knitting, music, other creative pursuits
  • good doctors
  • a good job
  • health
  • home, transportation, food to eat, clean water, clothing, etc

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