Saturday, March 12, 2011


What do I do each week? Well, here's a typical list in rather random order (because that is generally how I live my life):
  • spend some time in the house with my son when we're both awake and actually engaged in doing something together in the same room, maybe even involving conversing (this used to be easier before he was a teen!)
  • work work work work work work work
  • I work Monday night, which in my world means that I work 11-8 on Mondays, which means that Monday morning is usually a day to sleep in - yay!
  • KIP (knit in public) with my knitting gang - caution: this is not your grandma's knitting group!
  • TV shows we watch together as a family: Mentalist, NCIS, Top Chef, Top Shot, Psych, Royal Pains, Survivor (I really wish I didn't like this show), Glee, Chopped, Criminal Minds, Iron Chef, Law & Order SVU, House. We DVR new episodes and save them for when we're all available to watch together.
  • I like to cast-on a new knitting (or crochet) project on Sundays. Sometimes it'll just be a quick wash cloth that I'll finish in a few hours, but even that makes me feel like I've done something new and exciting.
  • laundry
  • dishes (daily, when I'm doing well)
  • be a good mom (sometimes he calls it nagging, but I call it "organizational help")
  • talk or at least chat online with my mom
  • pray without ceasing
Stuff I feel like I should do every week, but in the spirit of full disclosure don't think I should put on the actual list:
  • Do Wii Fit or go swim at least 3x a week, but I'm not nearly as ritualistic about this as I should be.
  • Post on my blog. I'm trying to get better! These daily writing challenges really help me!
  • Go to church.

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