Friday, March 18, 2011


I love road trips! We are just getting started on actual planning for our next family road trip, so this list is exciting to think about! Here are my must-haves for a road trip:drinks (water for me, soda for the guys)
  • snacks - something sweet, something salty, fruit, veggies, combos, cheese for protein
  • maps and guide books (no Garmin for me, thanks, although I will admit that we used our laptop and wifi last year to find hotels on the road)
  • paper and pencils - we make lists on the road, so paper and pen/pencils are a must . . . also, Simon can't be w/o drawing supplies at all times. If you'd like to see some of the lists we kept on our last big road trip, check out THE BLOG.
  • small pillow and shawl/blankie for car - at some point we acquired a purple heart-shaped pillow that now travels with us. Because it is so bright and unusual, it is much less likely that we'll forget it at a hotel!
  • books on CD - we have to have a selection so we can find something that all of us will enjoy. We always take our entire collection of Harry Potter books on CD with us as fail-safes if none of the other stuff we take is appealing enough, or if we're just feeling cranky. Jim Dale reading to us makes us all happier.
  • slip-on shoes - I'm usually the passenger as Mike like driving better than riding, so I get very comfy on my side of the car.
  • laptop for overnighters
  • knitting! You didn't think I'd have a list w/o knitting, did you? Honestly? I usually spend quite a bit of time planning what knitting projects to take on a trip. I have to have some options - one thing that is mindless, one thing that takes more brain power, some kind of project(s) I can finish quickly to satisfy my ADD knitting nature. Also, if possible, I like to have a project I can start right before or as we're leaving and finish before we get home so that the project itself can be a memento of sorts.
  • camera (s) - remember when we used to have to pack film?
  • small flashlight for each person (nice to have at night)
  • batteries for camera, flashlights, any other electronics
  • phones and chargers that work in the car
  • clothes that can be worn in layers
  • $$$$$$$$$
I'm certain I'm forgetting things. We always do. That's why we always take money!

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