Monday, March 07, 2011


The official blog list topic for today is to list your blog goals, but I thought I'd rather give an assessment of the goals I set for last weekend and how I did on them.
  • Pick up a prescription from Dr. office(done!)
  • Visit LYS to get help with provisional cast-on and winding the lace-weight yarn for a new project (done - and I even avoided buying more yarn, despite the huge sale!)
  • Cast-on said project (done! I have about 18 rows knit on it!)
  • Finish square 4 of Great American Aran Afghan (done!)
  • Appt. with orthopedic surgeon (follow-up from Jan surgery) (done! Good report!)
  • Order a replacement SS card for my son (done!)
  • spend quality time with son and husband @ rock concert Friday - YAY! Gaelic Storm at the Newport - first time I've ever been there. It was cool! (Yay!)
  • hang out with Carol for a while (done! Was fun!)
  • church (nope - sigh)
  • try to hang out with guy-knitters (done!)
  • watch Social Network (done! I liked it, but it wasn't "the best movie ever" like my son thinks)
  • try to fix home computer (totally chickened out on this one - sigh)

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