Tuesday, March 22, 2011

List #22 TODAY I SAW . . .

  • The Daily Show: watching it on our DVR is a nearly daily ritual for my son and I before he goes to school. It is so funny, whether I agree with his politics or not.
  • my hair get poofy with styling, and then be flat-ish again in about an hour - typical
  • the top surface of my desk - a miracle of cleaning and organization begun!
  • a young man (20 something) who is a new Area Commissioner with me, teaching me more about Google Calendar than I knew before - that is a very cool FREE software!
  • a man with his hand down his pants in my library branch - ugh
  • the sweetest little 3-yr-old girl, happy as a clam to find a colorful computer game "just for her" at the library
  • a new bakery near my branch - The Angry Baker - great egg/scone sandwich for dinner! and some yummy treats for home
  • a firetruck with several fire fighters, but for some reason they didn't stay for the Area Commission meeting
  • City Council President Pro Tem, Hearcel Craig who was a welcome surprise at our Area Commission meeting tonight - I really admire how he stayed for the whole meeting, and I really LOVE the wonderful things he said about libraries!
  • watched Castle together as a family tonight when I finally got home
  • hoping to see the inside of my eyelids soon!

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